Having been an integral part of the business community within Ayrshire for almost five decades, our portfolio of clients operating within the Agricultural sector is large. Our success in this area is not due, however, to our geographical location but to the depth of our specialist knowledge and experience, particularly relating to tax breaks and regulations, within this industry.

Both being from agricultural backgrounds, Partners Sheila Tannock and Ken Livingstone are well placed to lead a team that not only understands the complexities of regulations, taxation and funding but fundamentally understands the unique practicalities of farming including the pressures and business difficulties they often face. This is an industry governed by a multitude of regulations about entitlement and constant changes about taxation and subsidies. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) determines the amount of subsidy that farmers are allowed to claim and it is our mission to ensure that our clients fully benefit from any changes made to the CAP.

Increasingly we work with clients from the farming community who are considering reinvestment or diversification. We ensure that they fully understand the subtle difference between the two in order that they can maximise their revenue streams, tax breaks and access to funding.

Renewable energy has become an area of considerable interest to our agricultural clients. Being among one of the first accountancy firms to appreciate the benefits and potential pitfalls of renewable energy projects, our expertise in this field is in ever-increasing demand. Find out more…

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